Logan Hours
Sources of Income

SALES: food (fruit, vegetables, eggs, honey, canned goods), flowers, plants, crafts, workshops, tours, gifts, souveniers.

DONATIONS: food, flowers, crafts, plants, building materials, volunteer labor, dollars (grants and bequests, crowdfunding)

COMMUNITY CREDITS: We’ll trade with our own paper and electronic credits that can be spent among neighbors and allies

RENTS: solar cabins, pavilion booths


  • All of the prices below are preliminary. People with expertise specific to the categories will calculate details.
  • Assumes that land and most initial labor are paid with sweat equity and community credit. We begin by barn-raising , Amish-style.
  • Dollar amounts will be less when materials are donated. We’ll offer tax-deductions.

A – pocket park — $3,000 flower box planters, flowers, bulbs, starts and seeds, soil and mulch, water, benches, swing set, solar street lamp
B – greenhouse and solar cabin — $17,000
greenhouse $12,000 (building materials, soil, compost heating unit, seeds and starts, water)
solar cabin $5,000 (building materials: wood, glazing, appliances, plumbing, photo-voltaic)
C – orchard — $10,000 (75 trees, compost, water, fencing)
D – each additional solar cabin — $5,000
E – each additional greenhouse — $5,000
F – each additional orchard — $2,000 to $40,000
G – park(s) — $2,000 to $20,000 each
H – playing fields — $10,000 to $50,000 each (basketball hoop/court, baseball field, soccer pitch)
I – market pavilion (when there are at least 10 greenhouses) — $45,000
J – permeable paving — $2,000 to $40,000 (pedestrian paths: mosaic and shade and benches)
K – Path Adams free clinic & art center — $250,000 (recycled building materials, donated medical/dental equipment, donated art supplies, maintenance)
L – Job Training and Community Center — $95,000 (urban agriculture, greenhouse management, solar construction, arts, healing arts)
M – Core Staff — $150,000 per year

FULL BUILD BUDGET – assumes 100 greenhouses and 300 solar cabins and 5 parks and bike/hike paths and market pavilion and free clinic and assumes that paid workers live onsite
TOTAL: $3.5 million