Community Benefit Agreement

community meetingJOBS: During early phases we will rely on volunteer labor that earns credits toward homes and food as available. When grants, donations and sales (of food, nursery items, workshops) enable us to hire, Logan residents shall have first priority. Most of these jobs will be entry level: greenhouse management, orchard management, floriculture, viticulture, solar construction, building deconstruction, arts, healing arts, landscaping, tour guiding.
– Our first priority is not to expand the middle class but to meet basic needs for housing, food, healthcare and respect. We will grow the Mutual Class, which lifts all boats together. Free training prepares Logan residents and LOAM employees to start higher-income businesses.

HOUSING: Community-built solar cabins (200-300 square feet with loft) will be available to Logan residents who will help build them and who will help manage LOAM. Priorities for returning citizens, veterans, young families, seniors, teachers, students. Maximum rent $100/month or 10% of income.

FOOD: As fresh organic becomes available from LOAM’s greenhouses, orchards, and vineyards, priority distribution shall be for donation to Logan neighborhood pantries, churches, and other community centers. Food shall be grown organically and GMO-free. If chickens are raised for eggs, they shall be free-range.

HEALTH: Patch Adams Clinic shall provide free checkups and diagnosis to Logan residents, in the spirit and style of Dr. Adams, whose life story was featured in the movie starring Robin Williams. Dental may be available.

LAND: There will be a mix of nonprofit and for profit enterprises on site. Our preference is to establish these upon land trust that will remove the property from speculation. This will reduce pressure for gentrification. Landscaping shall be nontoxic. Smells and sounds shall be contained.